Macroni pasta making machinery in karachi pakistan

Macaroni & Pasta Processing Machine Line

In Karachi Pakistan

An Overview of Macaroni/Pasta Production Machinery

Discover the ultimate efficiency in Macaroni/Pasta production with Bloom Engineering’s Macaroni & Pasta Processing Machine Line in Pakistan. High-tech, dependable, and flexible multifunctional pasta production lines have always been essential to ensuring not only the creation of conventional shapes but also the production of unusual shapes using cutting tools and other machines. Depending on the exact needs of the customer, the automatic macaroni line can produce 80 up to 120 kg of macaroni per hour using ‘batch’ or continuous extruders fitted with vacuum extrusion devices and dynamic or continuous dryers. You can elevate your Macaroni/Pasta production capabilities and meet the growing demand in Pakistan with Bloom Engineering’s reliable and high-performance solution.

Macroni pasta making machinery in karachi pakistan


  • Raw materials: Adopts potato starch, corn starch, cassava starch, wheat flour, corn flour etc as raw materials
  • Capacity: 80-120kg/h, we can also customize other capacities according to your needs.
  • The macaroni processing workshop should be (minimum): Width: 5m Length: 23m Height: 3.0 m
  • Flowchart: Mixing system—Extrusion system—-Cutting system—Drying system—Frying system—Flavoring System –Packing system
  • Voltage: All the voltage frequency of the machines can be made to fit your work environment.
  • Machines materials: All the machines are made of stainless steel to prolong the service life of the equipment.

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