Ribbon Blender Mixers

Bloom Engineering

Have been manufacturing Industrial Ribbon Blender Mixers of various shapes and capacities some are mentioned below having all the technical details.

Industrial Application Of Ribbon Mixer Machine:

Ribbon Mixers have vast industrial application from food industry to pharmaceutical, chemical industry Ext.

In Food Industry Ribbon mixers are being used in spices mixing purposes,
As a Powder flavoring mixing machine.
Baby milk powder mixing purposes.
industrial spice mixer.

Salt or any chemical homogenization mixing purposes.
As a Die color powders mixing machine.
Detergent surf mixing purposes.
As a Telecom powder mixing machine.

Powder Blender Mixer Machines We Are Manufacturing:

1-Double Cone mixer
2-Twin Warm Blender Mixers.
3-Double Jacketed Heating Ribbon Mixers.
4-Tilting Ribbon Blender Mixer Machine.

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