Industrial Crushers

Bloom Engineering

Have been manufacturing Industrial Hammer Mill Crushers of various types & shapes in few Hammer Crusher are mentioned below having all the technical details of crushers.

Industrial Application Of Hammer Mill Crushers:

plastic shredder machine for plastic crushing.
cross cut paper shredder for waste paper crushing and pulp making.
cardboard shredder machine / Cardboard Crusher for recycling purposes.
stone crushing of salt , limestone, coal etc.

Industrial Crushers/ Industrial Shredder Machines We Are Manufacturing:

1-Industrial Shredder.(heavy duty paper shredder)
2-Portable Shredder/Crushers.
3-Hammer Mill Grinder
4-Powdering Machines (Pin Mill Pulverizer Grinders)
5-Jaw Crusher Machine (Mini Jaw Crusher)
6-Limestone Crusher
7-Soil Crusher.
8-Coal Crusher
9-Maize Crusher (Corn Cobs Crusher)
10-Apple Crushing Hammer Mill.

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