About Us

About Bloom Engineering

Bloom Engineering was found in 2018 by Mr.Zeeshan as industrial food processing machinery manufacturing company located in S.I.T.E Area Karachi Pakistan.

Bloom Engineering is also providing different industrial services all along Pakistan to our valued clients
TIG Welding Services
-Piping fitting Services
-Stainless Steel Polishing Services .


Bloom Engineering’s major products are as follows:

Different Types Of Mixers:
Ribbon blender mixers 
flavoring seasoning drum mixers
double cone mixers
Sigma mixers

Pulper & Crushers: 
Apple pulpers
Mango Destoner pulper
Organic waste shredders crushers

Himalayan Pink Rock Salt Machines:
hammer mill crusher
Washing unit
Sifter / Vibrator Salt powder screener

Bloom Engineering’s Mission

To provide responsive, safe, and trusted industrial solutions to our clients by providing the highest-quality products in a cost-effective way.

powder cyclone system

Spices Machinery:
Pulverizer with cyclone
Pulverizer pin mill grinder for spices
Spices mixer
Vibro Sifter vibrator & /Mesh Sieves.

Pet Food Machines
Dog/cat biscuits making machines complete unit.
Snacks Frying unit , dryers , industrial automatic onion fryers, Nimko fryers

Dehydration Ovens :
Animal food dehydrator
Fruits & vegetables dehydration oven dryers.

Risk taking

Risk Taking

We accept and encourage informed risk taking.
Nurturing Recognizes failures associated with reasonable risk taking should not be punished but used as an opportunity for improvement to the underlying processes.
Growth and Leadership


We believe people must work in an environment where they feel enabled to make decisions that contribute to client satisfaction and performance of the firm.


We recognize the potential for teams to produce superior results over what team members could achieve as individuals.

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