Pet Food Machine

Pet Food Machines

Pet Food Industry & Food Machines in Abu Dhabi:

The Pet Food Industry in Abu Dhabi has experienced significant growth in recent years, driven by a rise in pet ownership and a growing awareness of the importance of pet nutrition. To meet the increasing demand, reliable Pet Food Machines in Abu Dhabi are essential for efficient and high-quality pet food processing. Bloom Engineering, a reputable manufacturer and exporter, stands out in the market with its advanced and innovative Pet Food Machines in Abu Dhabi. With a focus on reliability and customer satisfaction, Bloom Engineering delivers top-notch solutions to the flourishing pet food industry in Abu Dhabi.

Below Are The Cat/Dog Pet Food Machines Details:

Dehydration Tunnel Oven: (SS Conveyor Belts)

Specifications & Features:
Height                     : 7 – 7.5‘
Width                      : 4’
Length                     : 12’
Capacity                   : 150 – 200kg/Hour
Conveyor Belts       : Stainless steel L-304 grade. (SS Mesh Conveyor Belts)
Body material         : M.S  (Inner & Outer Body Sheets)
Sheet Thickness      : 2mm
Temperature           : 200 Degree Celsius (Controlling System)
Conveyor Belt Working Width : 30”
Insulated Walls Gap : 4” to be filled with rockwool
Number of Conveyor : 5 Layers

-Machine walls and roof is double jacketed filled with insulation wool tolerating 200 – 300*CC.
-All Sheets used are MS 2mm in thickness.
-Layers of Dehydrators are Five Which are running in a way as one end is connecting to the second layer in this way product is coming while passing through these 5 layers.
-Chain which is running with the layers is also in M.S material 80# Chain.
-SS Mesh belt is connected with the chain & running along with the  layers of the machine.
-Gas burner is used to attain temperature Blower is fitted to circulate heat inside the oven.
-Machine first red oxide will be used & then colored for anti-rusting purposes.
-Machine operating control panel present.
-Control panel having VFD Variable speed controlling device to maintain the shape of Oven Conveyor belts to increase heat treatment or increasing capacity is possible.
-Bearings of conveyor rollers inside oven are fitted in Housing to protect against HEAT therefore
Heat inside the oven can not damage any bearing.
-Oven Top Bottom conveyors & Left & Right side of walls all have 6 – 8 “ Gap.
-Conveyor Mesh belt will be designed according to the given biscuits size.


Furnace (Bhatti):

Specifications & Features:

Maintaining Temperature : 150 – 200 Degree Celsius easily.
Gas Burner                          : Uni Gas Or any other imported brand.800Kw
Furnace Body material      : M.S Sheets.
Sheet Thickness                 : 4mm
Furnace Outer side            : Colored & oxidized.
Inside Furnace                    : Double jacketing of Fireclay & Fire cement.


Burner Fire Cut Off System inside control panel.
-Furnace is directly connected to the oven to attain temperature fast.


Extruder To Oven Biscuits Carrying Conveyor: (Pallet Making Machine)

Specifications & Features:
Height                     : 12’ (Depending on height & degree of oven)
Width                      : 18”
Length                     : 12’
Belt Thickness        : 3mm Food Grade silicon belt.
Material                  : M.S
Sheet Thickness      : 2mm
Gear Motor Drive   : 2Hp

Types Of Blender Mixers We Are Manufacturing

Extruder : (Pallet Making Machine)

Specifications & Features:
Height                     : 5
Length                     : 6.5’
Capacity                  : 150 – 200kg/Hour
Warm material      : K-100  (Hardness material)
Body material        : M.S
Temperature          : 30 – 50 *CC  (Outer side of barrel Heaters fitted)
Warm Diameter     : 8”
Warm Length          : 48”  ( 4 ‘ )
Number of Warm  : Single.

-Machine is made in M.S material Sheet 2mm sheet thickness & Angle framework.
-Warm screws are made in K-100 material which is later tempered for hardness & chrome.
-Machine first red oxide will be used & then colored for anti-rusting purposes.
-12Hp warm gear motor drive.
-Control panel having VFD Variable speed controlling device to maintain the shape of Dog OR Cat Food products.

On Top of Extruder Feeding there would be Rotary type agitator speller to continuously propel product inside the screw warm.
-Three dies of required biscuit size will be provided , other dies will have to be purchased. We will try to lightweight dies as much as possible to keep in mind the quality assurance.
Extruder Blades would be as shown in the video link to prevent from breaking & to cut evenly.

Ribbon Blender Mixer:

Specifications & Features:
Height                     : 4’
Length                     : 5’
Width                      : 36”
Capacity                  : 550kg – 600kg / Batch
Material                  : Stainless steel L-304 grade shell.
Sheet Thickness    : 2.5mm
Body frame material: M.S square pipes 2” x 4” size.
Gear motor drive   : 12.5Hp 25RPMS

Screw Elevator Conveyor:

Specifications & Features:

Height                      : 4.5’
Diameter                  : 8”
Length                      : 6’
Material                   : Stainless steel L-304 grade.
Sheet Thickness      : 2mm
Gear Motor Drive   : 3Hp

-Screw is joint with the steel pipe running through the whole length of elevator.
-Warm & screw is made in SS 2mm sheet SS 304 Food grade.
-Carrying the mixed product material to the extrusion process.

Flavoring Drum:

Specifications & Features:
Height                      : 4.5’
Drum Diameter      : 24”
Length                      : 8’
Material                   : Stainless steel L-304 grade.
Sheet Thickness      : 2mm
Gear Motor Drive   : 2Hp

-Base frame is made up of 2” x 2” SS pipes .
-Two steel shafts are running along the length of the drum with Teflon wheels on four corners.
-Drum inner side is having scrapper-like extensions to properly season the product.
-Controlling connection would be in the main control panel to operate the whole Pet Food Machines unit.

Control Panel For Whole Machinery:

Specifications & Features:

Height                      : 4.5’
Width                       : 3’
Depth                       : 12”
Body Material         : MS Colored.
Sheet Thickness      : 1.5mm
Lights                        : Red , Green Blue

-Complete plant connection ON/OFF switches timer relay bases where required.
-Oven & extruder VFD device speed controlling connections are here.
-Temperature sensors & temperature meter ampere & volt meters are here.
-Emergency switching.
-Temperature cut off  system incase of increase or decrease of temperature of oven.
Blower heat circulation system connections are here.

Pet Food Machines in Abu Dhabi

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