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Pulverizer Pin Mill Grinder in Ras Al Khaimah (Spices, Herbs, Salt & Stones Grinder):

Bloom Engineering is Pin Mill manufacturer and exporter in Ras Al Khaimah, We are also manufacturing Different Types of mills used in pharmaceutical industry / food industry like spice grinding machine for commercial use
for further knowledge and difference between pin mill vs hammer mill you can read below details for Pin Mill diagram & pin mill working principle pdf available upon request to quote.
Sr.No Model Number Power (HP) Motor Drive Capacity in Kgs L x W x H
1 PV–120 15 120 – 200KGS 3’x3’x4’
2 RM–200 25 200 – 300KGS 4’x4x5’
3 With Cyclone 25 150 – 300KGS 4’x4x7’


Technical Parameters:

-Machine made in        : Stainless Steel L-304 food grade.
Motor drive                  : 15Hp three phase.
-Production capacity   : 120 – 200kgs /Hour on spices, Salt , & Other stone  products.
-Mesh sizes available  : 0.5mm – 10mm for granular particles.

Specifications & Features:

-Provide fine grinding of any hard materials (Spices , Stone Salt ) into required particle sizes.
-Size of output product: 20-120 mesh (adjustable by changing sieves).
-Different types of Dust Collector with Cyclone system can be equipped with this pin mill grinder or Pulverizer mill.

Applications Of Pulverizer Pin Mill Grinder:

-Spices grinding purposes.
-Stone salt , chromite or any kind of ore grinding purpose.
-chemical industry for making powder of certain stone form products.
-Pin Mill pharmaceutical applications.
-Our Pin mill pulverizer can be used as Grain grinding Machine for Home & industrial use because the machine can be used as
multi purpose spice grinding machine.
-Pulverizer is being used as Domestic flour mill, Spice grinding machine, Herbal products grinder machine for small business owners  as well industrials usage for high production capacities pulverizer.

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