Tilting Paddle Mixer

Tilting Paddle Mixer

Stainless Steel Tilting Paddle Mixer in Saudi Arabia KSA: (Tilting Cooking Mixer Machine)


Bloom Engineering is a leading manufacturer and exporter of Tilting Paddle Mixer in Saudi Arabia KSA. We specialize in producing high-quality mixers that are specifically designed for industrial chemical products that require high shearing mixing at high temperatures.

Our Heating Blender Mixer Stove Burner Heating & Tilting model is perfect for clients who need to homogenize any product while also tempering it. This mixer machine is designed to mix and blend materials thoroughly and evenly, ensuring that the end product is of the highest quality.

Sr.No Model Number Power (HP) Gearmotor Capacity in Kgs L x W x H
1 TPM–120 3 80 – 120KGS 3’x1.5’x3.5’
2 TPM–200 5 150 – 200KGS 3.5’x2’x4’
3 TPM–350 7.5 300 – 350KGS 4’x2.8’x5’
4 TPM–620 10 550 – 620KGS 5’x3’x5’
5 TPM–800 15 700 – 800KGS 5’x4.5’x5’
6 TPM – 1500 25 1200 – 1500KGS 7’x5’x8’

Types Of Mixers We Are Manufacturing:

Bloom Engineering is manufacturing Ribbon Blender Mixer, Paddle Mixers, Plough Shear Mixer in Saudi Arabia KSA for powder blending as well Liquid mixers with agitators.

-Single warm Ribbon Blender Mixers.
-Twin warm Ribbon Blender Mixers.
-Sigma Mixers.
-Double Cone Mixers.
-High Sharing Mixers.
-Double Jacketed Heating Blender Mixers.
-Tilting & Non Tilting Type Mixers.
-Dough Mixers. Drum Mixers
-Self Loading Concrete Mixer.
-Vertical Ribbon Mixer.
-Pin Mixers
-Automatic mixer for cooking
-Large Continuous mixers, Small Continuous mixers.

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Applications Of Heating Paddle Blender Mixer :

-For Intensive Mixing of wet and dry Powder material Homogenization used in the Food, Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Paint, Cement, Refractory, Adhesives,, and Dyes etc.
-Wanda making machine, Feed mixer machine, Poultry feed mixer machine, small feed pellet machine, Automatic/Manual feed pellet machine.

For Ribbon mixer working principle & Ribbon mixer working mechanism watch the video here.

Tilting Paddle Blender Mixer