Hammer Crusher

Bloom Engineering Hammer Mill – Hammer Crushers in Abu Dhabi:

Bloom Engineering is the manufacturer and exporter of Heavy Duty (Small / Large Capacities of hammer crushers) And other Range of Crushing Machines in Abu Dhabi – 30Tons Capacity.
Hammer Mills are widely used to crush or break Different materials into small, tiny mesh sizes pieces or to desired particle sizes depending on clients requirements and crushing materials like Metal Ores Chromite crushing, minerals crushing, coal crushing, store crushing, rock salt crushing and many other products to crush. Bloom Engineering, engineering team is continuously working on crushing making more developed an innovative & compact designs for our crushing equipments Hammer mill can be used as to grind wet or dry minerals granulations (Grinding/Pulverizing). Our Crushing Mills (Pulverizer Grinders) can grind various commercial scale products such as Rice grinding, Maize or grains grinding, herbal products grinding, & industrial hard chemicals grinding, rock salt crushing, stone crushing, Mineral ores crushing, crusher in cement plant for form powder. Bloom Engineering is the manufacturer and exporter of Hammer Crusher in Abu Dhabi – 30Tons Capacity, we are offering all fabricated in S.S. & Mild steel (MS Iron) materials.
Main features highly efficient, resistance to corrosion (Only SS), Easy installation and cost effective solution for small jaw crusher / Hammer Mill Crusher in Abu Dhabi – 30Tons Capacity.

How Our Industrial Crushers Machines Works :

Hammer Mill operates through an electric motor which is connected to the main MS Central Shaft where all the blades are hanging this is the complete Hammer mill Grinding Rotter or (Grinding Chamber / Crushing Chamber)

The Hammer mill crusher rotor is moving at RPMS Of 2800 in a clock – wise direction at high speed hence crushing materials into smaller size particles or even powder form according to customer requirements mesh sizes are set.

Hammer Crusher 30Tons Capacity:

Rotter Length            :  60″
Rotter Diameter        :  34″
Material                      : MS (Mild Steel) Iron
Main Motor                : 60HP 3Phase (Or As Customer’s Required)
Number of blades     : 160
Thickness of blades : 10mm

Different Models & Capacities of Crushers We Are Manufacturing : 

-jaw rock crusher (single toggle jaw crusher)
-coal crusher machine
concrete crusher machine price
-crusher shredder

Shape Of Hammer Crusher :

Our Hammer Crusher Blades are made up of hard tempered materials ,The to use this hard tempered materials are the life of hammering blades increases and the shape or design of blades depending upon the product we are grinding.
For SS crushing Machines we use SS 310 Grade of hard material blades although we also use HSS (High speed stainless steel Blades) only few products which require this high efficiency of grinding.

hammer sling blade hammer mill blades

hammer sling blade hammer mill blades in Abu Dhabi by Bloom Engineering.